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YCIS students and staff are invited to apply to be a part of the event. Under the theme, building a better world, you have the opportunity to showcase your ideas and projects that you have been working on either as part of your school work or an independent project The final date for application will be 5pm, 13 March 2019, and your presentations should be finalized before 5pm, 11 April 2019.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to see further recognition for your hard work and ideas. Similarly it will provide you with further evidence for university and/or future career aspirations.

Exhibit a project, workshop or idea at the Innovation Expo
(16:00 – 18:00)

You will be provided with a small table to place a poster, laptop, model (3d print or other construction) to showcase to visitors at the event. Your exhibition must have written explanation and you should ensure there is someone at your table throughout the timeslot in case people have questions.

Speak at the TEDx Event – stricted limited spaces
(18:00 – 20:00)

You can apply to speak for 5 or 9 minute slots with your idea. 1 to 3 speakers are welcome to be on stage at any one time and your presentation must met strict guidelines and include a professional set of PPT slides. The TEDx talks will be video recorded and uploaded to the TED.com website as part of our licensing agreement. Support for presenting and rehearsals will be a part of the application process. Not all applicants will be invited to speak and the organizing committee’s decision on the final presentations is final, no feedback will be provided to unsuccessful applicants.

Publish a paper in our Innovate+ journal
(to be released later in the academic year)

You can seek to have your idea or project published in our Innovate+ journal. This will take the form of a formal academic research paper and must meet strict regulations in terms of its presentation and content. Papers must have a unique component to them showing your own ideas and thoughts and not simply be a repeat of the work of others. Checks will be made to ensure authorship, originality and uniqueness.

You are welcome to apply at any stage of your project, but your final exhibit or TEDx talk must be finalized by: 5pm 11 April, 2019. Earlier applications are required to be promoted at the event.

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